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Body to Body

Nipple stimulation

Shower Service

Dancing on your body without using your hands will give you an unforgettable experience! The whole body serves as a massage tool.

Foot Fetish

Warm water jets provide pleasant relaxation, and the gentle touches of the masseuse, who uses not only her hands, but also her breasts, hips, and buttocks for the massage, provide pure eroticism.

The focus of this type of massage is the engagement with the feet. This also includes the stimulation of the genitals with the feet.

intimate shaving

An attractive intimate area is always a plus. Smoothly shaved skin in the intimate zone creates entirely new sensations and en-hances desire.


This unique massage technique goes beyond the stimulation of the male genital area. It increases libido and is a great way to experience unparalleled ecstasy.

Nylons have an indescribably erotic effect and are very popular in our salon for the tasteful touch. Our sexy classic.



During prostate massage, the male G-spot, a particularly erogenous zone, is stimulated. This tingling practice can sometimes bring you to a super orgasm.

Role-playing games

Hot role-playing games intensify desire and awaken erotic wishes. Speak openly with our masseuse about your fantasies and enjoy a journey into the world of fantasy.

There are people who can enjoy a “nipplegasm” just by stimulating their nipples. That sounds promising, right?

Spanish massage

Here, the well-shaped breasts of the masseuse take center stage. The treatment with the breast prepares you for an orgasm of a very special kind.

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